AED Extreme Safe Pack for Outdoors

AED Extreme Safe Pack for Outdoors


3.538,00  - IVA Escl. 2.900,00 

  • AED for adults
  • Outdoor case
  • 45×45 cm instruction panel
  • Spare parts replacement automatically after 4 years
  • 24-hour remote control for 8 years via dedicated gateway
  • 8-year maintenance
  • Pediatric pack
  • Temperature detection
  • AED removal detection
  • Case opening detection
  • 4 year Vodafone SIM card
  • Up to 7 phone numbers or emails can be connected

Outdoor cardioprotection kit with adult defibrillator placed in a hermetically sealed outdoor case, instruction panel, 24-hour remote control for 8 years via gateway communication system and 8-year maintenance. The kit includes one additional spare battery and electrodes, for adults and children, automatically sent after 4 years.

The “Extreme” system is also equipped with temperature detection, AED removal and opening signalling, prepaid SIM card for 4 years, connectable up to 7 phone numbers/emails that sends a voice alarm message to the predefined and programmed numbers.


Complete description

The kit consists of:

  • Defibrillator case

IP65 certified hermetic outdoor enclosure with front opening. Made of 5/10 rustproof, high-strength and anti-oxidizing steel, epoxy resin coating that allows the device use also in seaside areas. Available only with internal LED lighting, thermo-controlled heating, 100-decibel siren alarm. The case is suitable for wall mounting, with special fixing supports.

·Weight: 11 kg
· Dimensions: 400 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm
4special brackets for wall mounting

  • AED for adults

A medical device that enables to treat life-threatening heart conditions. A medical device that enables to treat life-threatening heart conditions. The Samaritan PAD® 350P defibrillator from HeartSine® Semi-automatic external defibrillator has two buttons:

  • “ON/OFF” button
  • “SHOCK” button

This type of AED is the only one mentioned in Italian legislation.

The Samaritan PAD® 350P defibrillator from HeartSine® is a clinically advanced and very easy-to-use semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED). It has a patented technology that modulates the energy delivered according to the patient’s impedance, i.e. the electrical resistance of the patient’s chest.

It is the smallest and lightest available on the market: 1.1 kg battery included.

  • 45×45 cm forex instruction panel, 5 mm thick

Wall-mounted typographical support to be placed next to the defrib case to signal the presence of a defibrillator. The graphic layout is simple and intuitive, describing basic instructions for AED using in emergency situations.

  • PadPack replacement plates.

The kit includes a PadPack with battery and electrodes to be placed in the AED for its correct and immediate operation. 4 years lifetime.

At the end of this period, we will automatically send a new PadPack replacement, renewing your AED for further 4 years.

  • Gateway for remote assistance and periodic updates on AED functionality: battery status, plates and expiry date.
  • 8-year AED maintenance

Our gateway-equipped devices automatically perform a self-test once a week. monitoring h. 24 hours a day A dedicated device detects at any time whether the AED is switched on or off. That is why we can guarantee their maintenance for 8-year warranty.

  • Pediatric Pack: Spare pediatric pads (minimum 3.5 years)

Module designed for use on subjects weighing less than < 25 kgs by even non-professionals users.

At the end of this period, we will automatically send a new replacement PediPack, renewing the AED for another 3.5 years.

Technologies installed

  • GSM 3G dialer.. Our dedicated app checks the internal temperature in real time
  • Anti-theft sensor. You can remotely check the case functionality (active alarm), verify the actual presence of the AED and automatically signal its removal. Remote alarm management.
  • – GSM service. By inserting the phone SIM card a recorded voice message will alert up to 8 mobile phones. The device is fitted with a ready-to-use GSM card and a 4-year prepaid subscription.