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Even if you are not a doctor, you can definitely save a life!

Widespread cardiac protection everywhere


Becoming the world’s leading company for cardiac protection because this enhances the chance to save a life


Being the altruistic and ambitious team to make our territories widely cardiac protected and improve deeply the citizen quality of life and their environments.

Visibility, Information, Goals: cardiac protection 4.0 at the centre

Let’s make our territories cardiacprotected areas by installing custom urban furniture including AED Defibrillators.


IP65 certified cabinet, IP56 cod. quality AED, electric alarm system, maintenance and steady updating.


Wall-mounted installation of defibrillators in cabinets or totems considering the environmental impact of street furniture design.

Very easy to see

Urban furniture for the collectivity to get sponsorships and increase the purchaser’s local brand visibility.

Cases and defibrillators can be connected and visible through a remote app, via SMS texting “Case opened”, or connecting a security camera to discourage all vandal attacks.

Cases are suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments, constructed from steel and waterproof materials, fitted with internal heating to store your defibrillator.


Customised technology: wi-fi, USB, inner camera, remote app, 36” to 85” LED display, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Why should you choose Lab01?

A complete planning

Lab01 offers a complete range of services: from AED defibrillator to its maintenance, its design and furnishings, its realization, installation, graphic layout and advertising.

BLSD Certificate

Our cardio-protective learning courses take place at home. We have certified and authorized trainers to issue BLSD and re-training certificates to lay responders.

Warranty and insurance

Our defibrillators feature an 8-year warranty. The warranty covers possible AED failure. Our defibrillators are fitted with remote connection and we provide spare parts automatically after 4 years.

Installation times

From the assignment date, we need 20 days to realise and install the device.

AED Urban furniture by Lab01


Methacrylate, rust-proof steel and aluminium cabinet suitable for internal and external use and opportunity to add images printed on forex.

AED Cabinet

AED cabinet for outdoor and indoor use, with thermoregulator, lightening and watertight integrity.


AED over-lighted panel, possible to personalise it with sponsor brands and a map indicating the already AEDs in place.

BLSD learning courses

Certified trainers to teach BLSD courses to lay responders to learn life-saving skills and techniques.

Our AED urban furniture all over Italy

Sirmione municipality
Visibility project with AED totem
Moniga (BS) municipality
Roccafranca (BS) municipality
Totem donated by companies of the Municipality with outdoor LED TV monitor
Brescia Calcio Sports facility
AED totem in corten-like finish

Your areas can become cardiac protected areas,
tell us your idea, we will make it a reality!

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