AED Pack for outdoor

Safety in choosing outdoor defibrillators

Municipal and historic centers, plazas and streets, public parks and beach areas.

Our street furniture with AEDs are made of stainless material, weatherproof and suitable for humid or high saline environments. You can also insert technological screens to project information and advertising messages.

Standard Safe Pack

Standard cardioprotection


AED Samaritan 350P Adults
Outdoor case
45x45 instruction panel
Consumable parts after 4 years

Full Safe Pack

All Extra Safe Pack


All Extra Safe Pack
Pediatric replacement pack

Life-saving packages!

With AED packages, you have at your disposal a defibrillator with street furniture, materials designed for the location and functionality in line with your expectations of use.

The way to purchase packages allows you to save on individual components, browse the product catalog to find out.